S.G.Bosco's Basilica

The Basilica of St. Giovanni Bosco in Rome is certainly one of the things to see. The church, located in Hall VII Cinecittà, is known to possess the second dome diameter of Rome after St. Peter's Basilica. The Basilica was built in the fifties of the last century, designed by Gaetano Rapisardi. The building was completed in 1964, some years after its official consecration. Very interesting is the high relief on the façade, the work of Arturo Dazzi and depicting the Apotheosis of St. John Bosco. Six marble statues flank the high relief. A porch is included in the facade and consists of five bronze doors. Very interesting are the medians doors, decorated with bronze statues by Eugenio De Courten. The statues on the side doors are the work of Attilio Selva. The Basilica has two bell towers, on which the bells are installed. The interior of the Basilica of St. Giovanni Bosco is divided into three naves. Of interest are the Murano chandeliers, which illuminate the entire building. The inside of the two domes is decorated with mosaics of Augustus Ranocchi. The stained glass windows of the monument create spectacular effects inside.