Cinecittà Studios


Entering Cinecittà it feels to touch a dream. A dream that has come over sectarians years of history, dreams and big successes.

The history of Cinecittà began in 1937: after a mysterious fire of the old Cines studies the idea of building the largest film city in Europe. The project was entrusted to the engineer and the architect Gino Carlo Roncoroni Peressutti.

Immediately Cinecittà becomes the utopia, the place to chase the success and popularity. There are many national stars to be born and to grow their own talent in the studies. After the war, to Cinecittà starts a stable and prosperous period, full of the most famous productions in the world. The doors of the Studios are opened to American cinema and, thanks to the creation of massive sets like those of Quo vadis? or Ben Hur, Cinecittà obtains the title of "Hollywood on the Tiber". Impazza la “DolceVita” e Roma si popola di star sia italiane che americane.

Among the 70 at Cinecittà begins a film season that has left indelible marks not only in the Studios but also in the collective imagination.

Italian cinema, in fact, thanks to Fellini's masterpieces, the great achievements of Luchino Visconti, Pasolini's eclecticism, to the genius of Ettore Scola, Comencini, Zurlini and many others, will have an echo and a worldwide uproar.

Today, the real challenge Cinecittà arises is that of recalling the old myths and at the same time create new ones according to modern outlook and in step with a film market in continuous evolution.

Given the huge success that saw nearly 400,000 visitors since April 28, 2011, Cinecittà is Show has become permanent: continues, grows and renews exhibition routes!

The exhibition traces the history of Cinecittà: scenes, the costumes, the sets, the characters - actors, directors, producers - who have gone into what the "Factory of Dreams" was defined. Backstage is an educational and interactive journey to discover the world of filmmaking.

You can visit the exhibition every day (except Tuesday) from 9.30 to 18.30 (ticket office closes at 17.30). Besides the exhibition, for the purpose of cultural enrichment Cinecittà allows a guided tour of facilities and permanent set.

Going through that gate that separates the real world from Wonderland, you get the feeling of being in contact with a myth and you walk out of Cinecittà sure that you understand why it's called the Dream Factory. That same feeling that enchanted forever Fellini, who convinced Scorsese to turn right at Cinecittà his Gangs of New York and that still drives many directors to work with Cinecittà Studios.