MURo - Museum of Urban Art


The Museum of Urban Art in Rome (wall), founded in 2010, is the first project of fully integrated museum in the social fabric, as the art form that follows, promotes and produces: Street Art. It is a project site-specific (designed to relate the artists with the conformation and the history of social coexistence places where they make their own works) and community-specific (designed to perceive and respect the "spirit of the place" in which it operates and is shared with citizens).

The Wall - Museum of Urban Art in Rome is an open-air museum project, public and free.

The wall turns some areas of the city of Rome in the paths of an open-air museum where contemporary art has the possibility to interact daily with the citizens, thus stimulating a public Contemporary Art Renaissance.

The first murals are made by the artist in 2010 in the historic Diavù Quadraro district and since then over the wall penetration in the urban fabric continues with the realization of a work about a month.

The Museum of Urban Art in Rome you can conveniently explore the route starting from the metro station "Porta Furba Quadraro".